Options for Lease End Consumers

Most people who lease their cars, do so for a period of two or more years. All good things come to an end, however. At the end of your lease, you'll be contractually bound to take the leased vehicle back to the dealership. When you reach this point, it's natural to begin thinking about what comes next for you and your vehicle.

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Ford Gets a Lyft

The partnership will be a chance for Ford to work towards developing a fleet of self-driving vehicles. Utilizing the software being created by Ford and the current Lyft framework and interface software, Ford aims to develop a way to quickly dispatch self-driving vehicles to you quickly so you can get to your destinations without delay and as safely as possible.

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Ford Delivers a Stunner of a Sports Car with 2017 Mustang

In the discussion of some of the world's most superb sports cars, the 2017 Mustang is without question a focal point. It is, in our estimation here at James Hodge Ford Lincoln Inc, the gold standard of its segment.

And since we recognize that such a statement warrants some substantiation, we now present to you the following clip.

Pair up with carwow personality Mat Watson, as he puts the Mustang through its paces:

True driving diehards are sure to find a great deal to enjoy about the Mustang's range-topping trim, the GT.

Outfitted with a 5.0-liter V8…

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Ford Makes Towing Easy

If you loved the Ford Expedition before, you're going to love the 2018 version that Ford recently teased – and we have all the details!

The new 2018 Ford Expedition includes Pro Trailer Backup Assist so that every driver can more easily move with a trailer in tow. This system allows the driver to turn a knob to direct the trailer, then the vehicle will automatically steer to make the trailer go that way. It limits the speed the vehicle can go while under its control to improve comfort.


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Make Some Memories

If you are planning to get away from it all, truly let yourself get away from it all. Plan to have some fun and don't burden yourself by over planning your trip. Keep it simple. Plan a few things, s that yo can work it all into your budget, but don't give yourself too much to do. Or, better yet, plan to do lots of things and instead of trying to go see and do everything, pick a few options out, depending on your mood. That way, if something is closed, you won't be as disappointed-you'll…
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